We "Franchise" Your Airbnb

StayPro offers a cloud-based vacation rental management solution throughout Canada and the United States, featuring seamless integration with local experts.

StayPro Airbnb rental management platform’s short-term rental management software's dashboard
StayPro managed property with full service plan in downtown Toronto
Management plan:
Full-service management plan
Monthly earnings: $7,942
Condo in waterfront area Toronto
Rental channels:
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Short term rental cottage near Toronto managed by StayPro’s basic service plan
Management plan:
Cloud-based plan
Monthly earnings: $8,703
Cottage near Niagara Fall ONTARIO
Rental channels:
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Short term rental apartment in Montreal managed by StayPro seasonal full service plan
Management plan:
Cloud-based plan
Monthly earnings: $4,912
Apartment in McGill Ghetto Montreal
Rental channels:
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How StayPro works?

 We integrate technology with short-term rentals, so you can earn more without doing the work.
Anywhere in Canada
Cloud-based management service

We operate your Airbnb with certified housekeepers

Step 1

Register your property on StayPro’s website

Step 2

Match with cleaners in your area

Step 3

Process done!

Local StayPro short-term manager in Toronto
Toronto and Montreal
Local StayPro manager available

Local StayPro managers handle tasks on-site

Step 1

Register your property on StayPro’s website

Step 2

Meet with local StayPro manager

Step 3

Process done!

StayPro's manager in Montreal

Why trust StayPro?
Realtime online updates

Our tech-driven management service grows your income & waters your plants on time.

Premium housekeeping services

All housekeepers are certified & vetted; cleaning performance is monitored by StayPro using video reports to which you have access. StayPro records layouts, furnishings and amenities to guide both housekeepers and guests.

Finances & billing

Analyse payouts, payments & transactions. Add Payment method to StayPro remotely so you can receive payouts directly from Airbnb in real-time without any delays. StayPro uses Stripe to process online payments securely.

Property status monitoring

StayPro carefully analyses your property operation status to avoid income loss due to rental halt. You can also track property ‘health’ levels virtually through earning performance, rental up-time updates & profit break-down on various booking platforms.

Resolve maintenances, repairs & reimbursements

StayPro automatically handles maintenance tasks that fall under your pre-set and pre-approved amount. For any maintenance, repair & reimbursement, you are informed immediately in the Tickets section.

Income increase guaranteed

Let the professionals take control! StayPro users gain more income without doing any work.

Rental channels:
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Marianne, 58

Condo owner in Montreal

StayPro boosted my rental income by 50% without me doing anything, even maintenance! When a guest damaged my sofa, the local manager, Émile, coordinated everything to fix it and even got me reimbursed for the repair.
Montreal condo owner with StayPro full service management plan
Monthly earnings: $5,937
Apartment in Montreal
Management plan:
Full-service management plan

Jiaqi, 33

Real estate agent in Montreal

StayPro manages many rental properties for my company. With the StayPro Enterprise Plan tailored to my demand, I can instantly arbitrage eligible properties to the short-term rental market which can easily make 2~4 times more than usual rental income. Just amazing!
Montreal real-estate agent lets StayPro manage her short-term rental properties with the Enterprise plan
Monthly earnings: $42,352
9 properties in Montreal
Management plan:
Enterprise management plan

Aaron, 46

Investor of a chalet

I let StayPro manage my chalet near Niagara Falls. StayPro does all the management work for me, even including setting up my listing on Airbnb and hiring a local housekeeper. Now I enjoy instant payouts and a comparatively higher income than nearby chalets.
Toronto chalet investor uses StayPro basic management plan
Monthly earnings: $7,364
Chalet near Toronto
Management plan:
Basic management plan

Caroline, 24

Student in Montreal

I planned to leave Montreal for 3 months for my summer vacation, but I still had to pay rent for my empty apartment. So, I contacted StayPro to sublet the place and get paid a fixed payout. It ended up being much higher than my monthly rent, so I was making money while I was away!
Monthly earnings: $2,830
Apartment in downtown Montreal
Management plan:
Seasonal full-service plan

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding sales, our Airbnb management services or more, please visit our Support page

Attracting Guests

  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Virtual reality home tour
  • Dynamic rate-setting
  • Professional home photos
  • Custom copywriting

Guest Experience

  • Disinfection & housekeeping
  • Contactless check-in
  • Guest check-in & check-out assistance
  • 24/7 virtual front desk
  • 3D virtual reference models

Supporting You

  • Client support
  • Account set-up
  • Essential guests’ amenities
  • No fixed-term contracts
  • Insurance, tax, renovation & permit aid

Property Care

  • Local manager
  • Repair & maintenance
  • Check-out inspection
  • Guest screening
  • Housekeeper vetting